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ZACH Management Board meets Staff

“Teamwork divides the task and multiplies success!”

Those were the words of the ZACH Board Chairperson Dr Zindoga J.T Bungu during the ZACH Management Board and Staff Meeting on November 12, 2020 at Cresta Lodge in Harare.

Dr Bungu during the orientation meeting kept on emphasizing on teamwork skills which are important in every field of any organization.

“A good team enables ZACH to be productive. We don’t want to be stagnant as ZACH, teamwork moves ZACH to a sustainable position as we respond to the needs of the community and carry ZACH’s vision forward,” reiterated Dr Bungu.

“Each of ZACH’s employees is a talent in their own right, but it is the fusion of those talents on each of us that works best. The best teams are those who combine individual drive with understanding the importance and power of the team.”

The orientation meeting was attended by the ZACH Management Board members, ZACH executive management members as well as middle-management members.

ZACH being a Christianity-based organization, Dr Bungu stressed that Christian values must be observed by all employees at all times.

“First and foremost, ZACH is a Christian organization, thus all our work and practices should embrace Christianity all the time. Every ZACH staff must champion Christianity values. What you say, what you do and how you present yourself should reflect that you are working for a Christian organization,” he said.

ZACH’s Executive Director, Mrs Vuyelwa T.S Chitimbire was awarded an opportunity to talk about the organization’s Strategy and business culture.

The organization’s strategic goal is ‘Toward Sustainable Growth’.

In her remarks, Mrs Chitimbire indicated that the ZACH Strategy map is mainly hinged on providing quality clients/patients health care; providing health institutional support; nurturing client relations; promoting universal access to health; promoting an enabling working environment; nurturing partners/stakeholders relations; health care finance diversity and resource mobilization.

The Board Chairman also emphasized on good conduct by ZACH staff which must be upheld at all time. Good conduct is based on the following principles; behavior, principle, morality, reliability, choice, relationship, responsibility and trust.

In summation, Dr Bungu encouraged staff to improve themselves in their line of work and continue to serve the community diligently.