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 Zimbabwe Association of Church Related Hospital is a membership organization of Faith Based Hospitals and ecumenical partnerships- whose focus is to help the poor and underserved  communities in rural remote and hard to  reach areas in Zimbabwe to access health services.

Our work is inspired by the Teachings our Lord Jesus Christ – to Preach, Teach and Heal (Mathew 4;23) making sure that  the people of Zimbabwe have access to sustainable, high quality and holistic health care services and other social services. Our interventions are embedded in our Christian values, dedication and commitment.

Rural Health and Strategic Directions has always been a major challenge in developing countries due to their remoteness and scarcity of resources. Faith Based Organization have historical provide health service delivery in these hard and under served communities through missionary and humanitarian bases.

The Zimbabwe Association of Church Health organization was founded in 1974 with the concurrence and support of the Head of Christian Denomination to be the medical arm of churches in facilitating the smooth running of Mission hospitals in Zimbabwe through the provision of Human Resources for Health, equipment, medicines, infrastructure in all its 130 member institution in the 63 districts of the country complimenting government (Ministry of Health and Child Care)

ZACH provides 68% of rural health delivery targeting all population including the elderly, disabled and under-served populations.

With regard to rural health care services, there is an underdevelopment of health promotion Programs, a lack of diagnostic services, poor access to emergency and acute care services, a lack of Non-acute health care services and under-servicing of special-needs groups, like seniors and people with disabilities. The gap in service delivery for rural communities has serious effects on their health and well-being hence the high disease burden in these communities and has a high prevalence of all major chronic diseases.  Rural realities and rural health needs are different from those in urban areas, hence our concern as ZACH working through mission hospitals, about the inability of rural communities to obtain the health services as they need, in a timely fashion and closer to home.

Our presence and proximity to communities puts us in a very strategic position to understand community challenges and making meaningful intervention which have direct impact to patients and the communities at large.

A major problem for rural people is the distance they must travel to reach health services and that of mission hospitals’ lack of ambulatory services to respond to emergencies timely. The majority people in hard to reach areas travel between 7km-10 to access health.

Thought our missionary work  and  holistic approach to health and healing, encompassing  the principles of equity, quality and accessibility, we continue to be committed to improve the lives of rural populations working with Church leaders, community leaders, well-wishers and funding partners to address the need of under-served communities. Support from partners go a long way in improving the health and well being of communities particularly the poor, vulnerable and marginalized communities. Amid these challenges we have made successful intervention through internal measures such as health systems strengthening, innovativeness and vigilance as front liners for improve health in rural settings.  For ZACH to continue its good work and support to rural communities, kindly make your donation to save lives and put a smile on the needy communities



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