Vision, Mission & Values


ZACH envisages a healthy society in which all people in Zimbabwe have access to sustainable high quality, holistic health care delivery.


Following the example of our Lord Jesus Christ, ZACH adopts the holistic approach to health and healing, encompassing principles of equity, quality and accessibility. ZACH promotes the highest standard of health care among its members for the benefit of all people in Zimbabwe.



Sustainability, Transparency, Accountability, Responsive, Christianity, Accessibility Professionalism, Equity.

ZACH Mandate

To assist and support member institutions in the provision of Quality Health Care Delivery to all Zimbabweans, especially to the most poor, vulnerable and marginalized groups in society.

 ZACH Core Activities

  1. Capacity Building and Development
  2. Resource Mobilization
  3. Health Service Delivery
  4. Health Systems Strengthening
  5.  Leadership and Governance
  6. Advocacy
  7.  Gender
  8. Logistics and Supply Chain Management

ZACH Strategic Goal

Toward Sustainable Growth