Organisational Structure and Governance



The Heads of Christian Denominations (HOCD) are the owners of Churches hospitals and Clinics in Zimbabwe. The HOCD has three secretariats, namely – Zimbabwe Catholics Bishop Conference (ZCBC), The Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC), The Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ) and the Union for the Development of Apostolic Churches in Zimbabwe and Africa (UDACIZA). Within the Churches, there are Health Desks and Coordinators who are a link between ZACH and Mission hospitals on administrative issues.

The Council is representative of 130 hospitals and clinics which forms the Annual General Meetings (AGM) who are member institutions (Hospitals and Clinics), these have voting powers to nominate members of the ZACH management Board and the Board of Trustees for the ZACH Pension fund. The pension fund Chairperson is appointed by the Heads of Christian Denominations.

The ZACH secretariat is the Medical Arm of the Churches, with the Executive Director as the Head supported by the ZACH Executive Members for day to day operations of the organization.  The ZACH Executive is appointed by the ZACH Management Board and the rest of the staff by the Executive Director with approval of the ZACH Management Board.

Mission Hospitals and Clinics management is autonomous per denomination and thus have their own governance structures since ZACH is a membership organization.

However ZACH facilitate the smooth running of all hospitals and clinics through policy guidance, advocacy and resources mobilization.

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