2021 – 2022 – (FCJ Distributors) gained  experience in the following areas;

–  Sage evolution accounting transactions:
 Assets – purchase, depreciation, disposal, register, impairment,
revaluation, transfer, reports
 Accounts receivable – sales order, invoicing, reconciliations, receipts,
statements, returns, debtors age analysis, reports
 Accounts payable – purchase order, reconciliations, returns, payments,
remittance advice, creditors age analysis reports
 Inventory – adding inventory items, warehouse transfers, re-order levels,
adjustments, inventory journal batches, credit notes, stock count
 Cash book and general ledger – cash payments and receipts, petty cash
book, journal entries, journal reversal and transfer
 Budgets – creating budgets, budgetary control, variance analysis
 Bank reconciliation
 Financial reports – trial balance, income statement, balance sheet
– Accounts payable and receivable reconciliations
–  Costing and pricing of imported and local products for the market
–  Filing invoices and all sources documents
–  Producing excel workbooks for data capturing and reporting using advanced
excel formulas.
–  Following up payments from debtors Zimra VAT returns

–  Getting and processing orders from customers
– Preparing invoices and keeping track of overdue accounts
–  Remitted RTGS and cash to the bank

–  Administration duties e.g re-fueling delivery trucks, vehicle maintenance,
purchasing office stationery, vehicle maintance and repairs, vehicle licensing,
–  Stock controlling and management
–  Warehouse management
–  Receiving and dispatching stock checking for expires, quantities and breakages
–  Stock transfers (ITBs)

Jan 2014 to Dec 2014  – Emali (Pvt) Ltd : Gained experience in the following:

 Obtaining Quotes from suppliers
 preparing budgets and purchase orders,
 Preparing purchase requisitions ,
 making payments to suppliers and clients
 liaising with suppliers, as well as serving clients and other administration
 accounts payable reconciliations
 Maintaining confidential records and files and documents,
 Managed internal and external correspondence and emails
 Preparing monthly administration budgets

2010 to 2012 – Afrofood (Pvt) Ltd: Gained experience in the following:

 Performed bookkeeping/accounting duties, including accounts payable and
receivable using Quick books accounting system
 Accounts payable reconciliations and payments
 Zimra VAT returns
 Bank reconciliations,
 Purchase ledger, sales invoices, and other general finance duties.
 Generating reports including balance sheets and profit and loss account
 Made purchases, preparing invoices and keeping track of overdue accounts
 Remitted RTGS and cash to the bank