1. (2017-2021,)- Gained vast experience in ministry of Health  HIV / TB  programs, community based interventions and programming those that deal with  infants ,adolescent and young women.
  2. Rapid HIV Testing, tracking of indices of consented partners and families using Algorithm.
  3. Counselling of AGYWs (15-24 years), survivors of violence, GBV and intimate partner violence.
  4. Provision of sexual reproductive health services, cancer screening, TB screening, STI screening, supervision of community HIV health programs, promoting good communication at all levels.
  5. Prevention of HIV by distribution of  condoms, self test kits PrEP and PEP  to key populations, and STI clients.
  6. Keeping of records, collection of data using relevant registers.
  7. Provision of quality and timely daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly accurate reports.
  8. Stock take of monthly, quarterly and yearly.
  9. Mobilising and conducting in reaches and out reaches for boosting targets.
  10. Functions well both under supervision and minimum supervision