1. 2017 -2021 ,introduced to an environment which allowed me  to wok in  HIV  and T B programs which involved the ministry of health, community based interventions especially those which delt with the vulnerable AGYW, women, Key Populations, couples and families.

2. Providing HIV test and counselling ,cancer screening to the consented clients using algorithms.

3. I have vast experience in HIV  testing and tracking of indices and also counselling of GBV and intimate partner Violence, adolescent girls and sex workers.

4. Gained experience in Sexual Reproductive Health such as diagonising managing and refering accordingly.

5.Offering  preventative  methods  like condom distribution ,PrEP ,PEP and health education on HIVself test.

6. Mobilising clients and conducting inreaches and outreaches  so as to achieve targets.

7.Experience with engaging stake holders for smoothly running of programs.

8. Stock management  such as stock take monthly, quarterly and yearly.

9. Record keeping of data captured.

10. Report writing  and submission of quality timely daily , weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports.

11. Designing and Co-ordinating health programs in relation to Organization standards.

12. Functions well under both supervision and minimum supervision.